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Sprightful Solar is a company dedicated to changing the way we think about energy. Want to install panels at your home or business? Drop us a line!
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Ode to the Sun

Thanks for the first 4.6 billion years

We can’t be the first to say it, but we feel it’s not said enough. Thank you, sun, for being there for us every time we come around. First, you powered our protozoan ancestors, then, you powered our photosynthetic plant friends. And for years, you waited. You waited to see what else this planet would do with of your energy. I imagine there was quite a bit of frustration when we turned our eyes down to the ground and started pumping the remnants of decomposed organisms to extract the energy that they had left behind long ago.

And for years, you waited.

“Why”, you probably asked, why would this planet dig thousands of feet to find something you were so graciously providing it at the surface? It’s complicated, sun, but we hope you’ll forgive us someday. Times are changing. Our species is beginning to understand the repercussions of our actions. We’re starting to backtrack. Every day, a moderately-sized group of us sticks their head out of the ground and looks up towards you. Our science, our souls, and our hopes are aligning as they usually do when the scent of revolution is in the air.

Believe it or not, it took us until now to simulate what our photosynthetic friends have been mastering since 4 billion years ago. Now, equipped with the knowledge of the photoelectric effect, some silicon, and mass production capabilities, we have gained the ability to directly capture the energy from the photons you’ve been sending us. Our eyes are aimed towards high noon and our hearts are starting to feel your infinite stream of photons. We’re starting a new era in energy and there is no turning back. This is where our direct connection begins and we hope to keep solar technology evolving till the Dyson sphere takes us to the next dimension. We’re going solar.


Our mission is to change the way we think about energy. We want to help close the gap between people and the energy they use by enhancing the energy experience from production to consumption.


We help homeowners and home developers understand their solar potential, and work with top rated solar installers to streamline the solar experience.


We are working on software and hardware projects to help illustrate the differences in energy sources. We’re working hard to make sure our projects are both enjoyable and educational.


We want you to consider us your solar consultants. Want to know how to install solar panels on your home? Drop us a line. Interested in partnering with us? We'd love to hear from you.

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