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Here are 5 ways to mprove your copy (10)
Here are 5 ways to mprove your copy (10)

Celebrating Earth Day 2021

It’s one of our favorite days today...Earth Day! Here are 3 super simple ways to celebrate Earth Day and honor the planet that sustains all life. Let’s all do our part to take care of our planet! 

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SSP: A Family Who Goes Solar for Free

Many first-time homebuyers patiently go through the long process of actually purchasing a house. Only after they get the keys does the reality of the costs of owning a home hits them. This is how Craig and Julie were able to easily switch to solar without spending a $.


50th Earth Day, Lock-Down World

It’s been difficult to ignore the environmental benefits the planet has seen with humans being stuck inside. This is a great time to reflect — when we get out of this mess, how we will choose to live, and how our choices will impact the environment.

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2021 Sustainable Resolutions

3 Easy Resolutions You Can Implement Today for Planet Earth - As difficult as they might seem, they are all much easier than reliving another pandemic, going into lockdown, or facing an environmental crisis (which is for sure to come if we don’t make changes ASAP).


The History of Solar - Where Did We Start?

Solar energy has become popular this decade as a progressive way to save money and save the planet. So where did it all begin, and where will it go? Here we dive into the origins of solar energy and how the future looks bright!


Governments Of The World and Solar

Due to the rising concerns for renewable energy sources in an increasingly polluted world, governments attempted to help and push the solar industry in many ways. These are how various governments around the world pushed for solar.


Solar Panel System Maintenance

Is it really that difficult to maintain a system? Can you do it yourself, or will you need to hire a professional company? And how long will each part last with proper care? Let’s break down the system by component.