The Savings Sharing Plan

Go Solar for FREE (no, seriously).

Our dream is to see everyone benefit from the sun and their home's roof. That's why we created the Savings Sharing Plan (SSP) - a way for everyone to go solar with no investment, loans, or liabilities. 

Solar should be simple. Now it is.


Sprightful is redefining residential solar, and we’re so excited to have you join us! Our mission has always been to make solar energy accessible to everyone. So we did.

It's quite simple, really. We install solar panels on your home for free, your electric bill drops, we share the savings. 


Start saving immediately.

No catch.

We ONLY get paid through your savings which allows us to install a full system for free - no risk to you. It's a partnership where everyone's goal is to create the most savings!


Gain control over your energy through our Dashboard.

We developed our proprietary Dashboard for homeowners to gain full transparency, understanding, and insights into their energy consumption, generation, and needs. Second-by-second energy data displayed in a comprehensive and modern way - right at your fingertips.


Go Solar for Free.

See if your home qualifies.

Savings Sharing Plan FAQs

What is the difference between SSP vs purchasing cash vs loan?

The key differences between SSP and ownership options are: flexibility, no-liability and a full team of energy experts committed to making sure you are saving as much as you can every month. Think of SSP as a trial-to-own solar subscription: lower energy bills, no financial investment, no liens on the house, no liability - and at the end of the Agreement, you keep the system!

How is SSP free to me? How do you guys make money?

We get paid through a portion of the savings we’ll help you generate every month. Which means we only benefit if you benefit! It’s our way to guarantee that you’ll be squeezing as much savings as possible out of your subscription. Contact us to find out how much you can reduce your electric bill!

Is SSP the best choice for my home?

It totally is, IF: - You would love to help the planet and future generations, - You would love to see your energy bill reduced. BUT: - You are uncertain of the future and don’t feel like committing to a long term investment and/or put a lien on your home. - You think you might be moving out and selling your house some time soon. - You would much rather use the liquidity to invest in the stock market or other projects. - You got better things to do than trying to calculate the internal rate of return of purchasing a solar system. - You prefer testing the solar system without paying for it and make a decision after you’ve seen it work.

What if I plan to move in the future?

When we say that SSP is the simplest way to go solar, we mean it :) The Agreement is transferable at any point and at no cost at all, not for you, nor for the new homeowners. We simply change the name on the subscription and we’re all set! You can move on to the new chapter of your life stress-free and the new homeowners find themselves living in a house with a reduced energy bill at no cost!

What if there's a hurricane or something that can damage the system?

All of our systems are designed and installed to withstand hurricane grade wind loads and weather conditions. Any other damage or system failure during the duration of the Agreement, we got you covered! And we’ll be at your door within 48 hours to make sure we restore the savings in no time. See our support FAQ for more information about warranties.

Do I have ANY responsibilities?

Your only responsibility as an SSP client will be your monthly (lower!) energy bill. Besides that, you can sit back and watch the savings roll in while you sip your refreshing piña colada and monitor everything from our Dashboard. You pay us. We deal with the utility company. Maintenance and monitoring of your system will be handled by our in-house installation team and energy experts, included in the Agreement.

How much can I save with SSP?

Every house is different, so there is no magic number that fits all cases. Let’s start by saying that you’ll certainly save between 5% and 25% of your energy bill. Reach out to us and we’ll assign you your very own solar advisor who will help you estimate the savings!

Besides the SSP subscription, will I continue paying the utility company as well?

Nope! The SSP subscription will replace entirely your current electric bill. We’ll take care of paying your dues to the utility company. The details of what your SSP subscription includes every month and how the savings are calculated will be available to you through the Dashboard. Contact us to find out how much you can reduce your electric bill!

What if I want batteries?

Batteries are not included as part of your SSP subscription (yet! Hopefully they will be when prices become more competitive). However, if you have your own batteries you are more than welcome to connect them to the solar system.