The Savings Sharing Plan

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Savings Sharing Plan FAQs

How long is the Newborn Baby Educator Program?

The course is one month long and students will complete a different module each week. You may complete the program at your own pace based on your schedule. We recommend you allow for approximately 5-10 hours each week to review the training instruction and complete assessment activities. Some students choose to complete a module in one day if schedules allow, however you will have the full week to finish and receive ICT instructor feedback. You will be able to log-in and out of the course at your own convenience and pick up from where you left off.

How much is the Educator Certification Program?

Considering the financial impact associated with Covid-19, ICT Educator program tuition is currently being offered at a limited time discount rate of $1,997. Everything is included in this price including your educator starter kit, complete 4-week training, assessments and review by a lead instructor, educator manual, and official certificates.

What are the Qualifications to Register for the Educator Course?

  • Individuals interested in certifying for the Newborn Baby Educator Program should have at least one year experience as follows:
    • Professional child care, nanny, nursing/healthcare, daycare, infant care, parenting, childbirth education, lactation, doula, newborn care (mother baby nurse), nursing, midwife, massage therapy, teaching or a related medical or child care field.
  • Internet access to go through the course on a computer or smart phone or tablet.
  • Valid email addresss to begin the course and to submit assessments.
  • Valid photo ID - Driver License, Non-Driver State ID, or Passport.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.

When Will I Receive my Certificate and Materials?

Once you have successfully completed all steps of the educator training program and your submissions have been reviewed by a lead instructor, your official certification and manual will be shipped within one week. Materials will be shipped to the mailing address provided when you register.

How Do I Register?

Register easily online and pay with a credit or debit card. Once your registration is processed and reviewed, you will receive an email to confirm shipment of your student starter kit. Educator candidates will only be charged when approved for training. Online registration is preferred for accuracy and is completely secure but you may also call the registration office to register with a representative during normal business hours at (866) 771-3181. Register Now

Have Another Question?

For a fast reply, email student support ! We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us soon!

When Does the Next Newborn Baby Educator Program Start?

The next class begins Saturday, May 24th. You do not need to log-in at a specific time as the training is self-paced, however you do need to complete each training module during the course of that week. The program is 4-weeks long and may require approx. 5-10 hours per week to thoroughly go through each module and complete action steps. Registration is currently open and there is a limited student capacity for each session which allows for proper review of each student's activities by a lead instructor. Early registration is recommended to secure your spot and to ensure you receive your starter kit in advance.

Do you offer any Payment Plans?

Yes! Due to high demand from our students, we are happy to be able to offer an optional installment plan. Students who wish to enroll into the payment plan will pay their initial installment in the amount of $1,050 to reserve their space in the next program and the 2nd payment of $1,050 will be applied the Friday prior to the start of the course. Please note, the time payment plan includes a small additional fee for enrollment.

Should I Take the Educator Program or the NCS Master Class?

Great question! It really depends on your goals. If you are interested in newborn care as a job, the Newborn Master Class may be the best fit. If you are interested in newborn care as a business where you care for babies as well as teach/coach/educate families as well, then the Educator Program is perfect. The Educator program goes into more depth and includes additional training topics, activities and feedback from instructors. It also includes additional specialization certificates and a full 200-page newborn care educator manual for you to reference. They are both great courses, but you will get a lot more in the educator training.