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We are Sprightful.

We like to imagine a world where every home, even in the most remote corner of the world, can benefit from the power of the sun. We also believe every one of us has the power to create the future we wish to live in. So, we’re making our dream a reality.

Will you join us?

Here are 5 ways to mprove your copy (14)
Here are 5 ways to mprove your copy (14)
Here are 5 ways to mprove your copy (14)
Here are 5 ways to mprove your copy (14)
Here are 5 ways to mprove your copy (14)
Here are 5 ways to mprove your copy (14)

Our vision.

To see every home benefit from the power of the sun by leading the change towards a renewable energy future.

Our mission.

Make solar accessible to everyone, regardless of location, status, or means, by providing the latest technology, fair financing solutions, and reliable information. We want to reduce energy poverty and advance the world’s efforts towards environmental conservation by building the bright and resilient communities of the future.

 Meet the team

We believe that every homeowner should have full transparency and control over their energy needs and we are dedicated to making that happen. With over 35 years of combined solar experience, we are a group of passionate, inspired, Earth-loving, entrepreneurial, slightly nerdy, hard-working, change-makers who are shaking up the energy industry.

Pablo Corredor

Cofounder | CEO

Andrea Leoni

Head of Sales

Sabrina Bocaranda

Administrative Assistant


Chief Installer

Giving back to our community.

Here at Sprightful, we do our best to be able to give back to our community and support others who may not be as fortunate. From education programs for children to installing solar for free, from donating panels to underserved communities overseas to promoting access to certain technologies, we are always trying to expand our social impact.

Join our team!

We're always looking for more rockstars!
At Sprightful we are highly motivated to make solar energy accessible to all, focusing on our customer needs. We’re focused on being the best solar solutions company in the industry, and are seeking team members that can balance resourcefulness with ingenuity, and independence with a collaborative spirit. We want to grow our team with.....include adjectives.
Interested in joining the team?

Making solar energy accessible to all!

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